Curriculum Vitae

Jean C Wong                

 Phone:     (852) 5111 3050                    Email:


Professional Writer fluent in 5 languages with extensive experience living and travelling abroad. Covered both front page features and breaking news. Experienced in marketing copywriting, visual presentations, and online content. Detail and goal-oriented; can deliver results. Acknowledged as highly creative leader and strategic team player. Strong cross-cultural communication skills honed through interviewing people of diverse backgrounds. Familiar with working under pressure; good at multi-tasking and prioritizing. Demonstrated ambition: graduated from Tulane University in three years, one year abroad, with two majors and a minor. Familiar with InDesign and cloud storage technology. Excellent problem-solving skills.


  • 11 years experience as a Published Writer and Author of 2 published novels
  • 2+ years experience proofing and editing highly sensitive documents and online content
  • Experienced Professional Journalist and Copy Writer, familiar with AP style
  • Expert Blogger, Webpage Designer, and Photographer
  • Strong computer skills (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, InDesign)
  • Fluent in English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Spanish
  • Background in Internal Audit, Quality Assurance, Law, and Teaching



  • Created advertisements and wrote copy freelance for private clients.
  • Published Author of books available in print and e-book format.
  • Wrote travel and cultural features for popular webzine Earthwalkers (
  • Wrote breaking news stories and front page features for Northwest Asian Weekly.
  • Wrote blurbs and photographed business listings for AOL’s
  • Contributed regularly to That’s PRD, a magazine serving the expatriate community in China.
  • Helped start and contributed regularly to the Ganbatte Times, a publication for teachers in Kyoto.
  • Published stories and essays in JET magazine, a publication for JET Programme participants.

Community / Organizational Leadership

  • As Head of Class and Graduation Committee at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies I used web resources to promote inter-departmental cultural events.
  • As Co-President and Co-founder of Citigroup Run/Walk club I provided support teams/training sessions for marathon runners and organized historical walking tours.
  • As Student Co-coordinator and Event Planner of Speak Salon I recruited new students and volunteers and planned events to foster student-volunteer partnerships.
  • As Team Captain of Tulane Club Soccer I demonstrated excellence in teamwork and determined how each person’s strengths could work together successfully.
  • As Head English Teacher I came up with innovative educational games to generate enthusiasm daily.

Quality Assurance / Audit and Risk Review

  • Designed and implemented a Quality Assurance (QA) program for Citigroup with methods to evaluate areas of audit and database oversight.
  • Edited audit reports for correct format, grammatical structure, and coherency.
  • Compiled board books to give feedback on quality of work completed and in progress.
  • Coordinated meetings to take suggestions and discuss possible concerns about QA program.
  • Created and updated schedules, heat maps, and organizational charts.
  • Retrieved critical data from auditing database to generate worksheets.
  • Completed regular audit training, studied accounting, finance, management, marketing, E-commerce, ethics, and business communication to enhance understanding and quality of work.

Research and Presentation

  • Presented team research project on successful marketing strategies using detailed financial analysis to develop investment profile for NYU intensive business course.
  • Researched process of going public and created a plan of action for a client, drafted and edited affidavits, and shadowed solicitors as a legal intern.
  • Researched potential points of improvement in Audit Department and worked with Auditors on a step-by-step interactive implementation plan, initiated regular market research projects, ran comparative analyses on competitors, presented findings and recommendations for Citigroup.

Teaching / Counseling

  • Five years of experience teaching ESL to adults and children of all ages: developed and adapted a new curriculum, prepared lessons, worksheets, and activity classes, created and graded quizzes and final exams with emphasis on English pronunciation, grammar, and sentence structure.
  • Taught standardized test-taking skills, sailing, yoga, creative writing, and critical reasoning.
  • Supervised up to 50 primary school children with excellent crisis management skills.

Volunteering/ Outreach

  • Taught in a compound, visited with hospice patients, street children, and orphans in Lusaka, Zambia.
  • Researched development opportunities as Grant-Writer for a newly formed school
  • Networked with donors to propose and implement projects and events in New Orleans government housing projects.
  • Facilitated therapeutic education classes for patients, wrote detailed proposals for new programs, and coordinated patient visitation for a hospital in Hong Kong.


  • Freelance Writer and Photographer; Mulberry Tree HK, Expat Living HK, Sassy Mama, Yogitimes, That’s PRD, JET Magazine, Private Clients (May 2008-Present)
  • Teacher; PURE, Soholife, Linguaphone, JET (Aug 2006-Aug 2010)
  • Quality Assurance Analyst; Citigroup (Oct 2004-May 2006)
  • Legal Assistant and Intern; So, Lung & Associates (May 2002-Aug 2002)
  • Volunteer; Action International, Fong Yiu Ging Hospital (Jun 1999-Sep 2004)


BA in French and History, with a minor in English from Tulane University: Graduated in Top 5%, Junior Year Abroad at La Sorbonne, Recipient of Founders Merit Scholarship and Phi Beta Kappa. Chinese Language Diploma Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. New York University Stern Advantage Program.

SUMMARY     I am a motivated individual with varied experience, and I believe that my skills are unique.  I am both a team player and a capable leader who is not afraid to voice her ideas. Having lived and traveled in many different countries I bring to the table multiple languages and strong adaptability skills.



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