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Seasons in Japan

It has been 3 years since I left Japan, yet I remember it fondly as one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived. Each season brings its own unique beauty, each as delicate as the next. In the fall you can make the journey to Mino to see this gorgeous waterfall enshrouded in … Continue reading


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For a capital city, Vientiane is surprisingly quiet and empty. Brightly colored temples echoing with children’s voices are interspersed with stark colonial structures. Wide boulevards lead to towering stupas. If you listen carefully enough, sometimes you can hear the faint murmur of monks chanting inside. Here is a city where east truly does meet west. … Continue reading

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Built in French Indochina, the Central Post Office is a classic example of Gothic architecture. The wall fans slowly circulate humid air tinged with the faint scent of sweat and gasoline. Beams of sun stream from the large windows to illuminate the faded tiles below. A portrait of Ho Chi Minh, for whom the city is … Continue reading

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Into the African Heartland

Downtown Lusaka, O-Eight-Hundred Hours: I anxiously scanned the empty lobby, wondering where everyone was. I checked the clock on the wall again. I was on time, unless Zambia was on a different daylight savings schedule than the rest of the world. A portly young man from Belgium appeared at last, along with a young guide … Continue reading

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