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Semi-seminal ideas

Front-frontiers and half-baked thoughts lead me back to the beginning Churning through my head they are Raw as the earth and the soil beneath it My brain shrunk to a pecan But full to the brim, chock full of protein that makes up the entire universe Amino amnio part of the cosmic goo where you … Continue reading


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Care of Rain- Musings from my window gazings

Ravens on a high wire, glimmer of sun through mist, my hand cold against the glass. Summer a distant memory, days grow short and blur together. Plates of bright metal undulate loudly not so far away, protruding beneath a towering white needle – a Goliath, Both equally awkward and out of place among dull concrete dwarfs … Continue reading

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Web of sunshine, heal my prayer

Fragrant the ring of children’s laughter Tingling my bones in hazy sunlight Filtered through the flimsy trees Peals of church bells mingle with Fragrant flowers Floating wisps of air Angel faces, angel hair, Fine as filigree Upon a tapestry, bright and green, Soft as ether Transparent as time. Here is no place for the burn … Continue reading

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When I feel the wind blow on my face, It makes me want to run. It fills my lungs ’till they burst, Within the light of the sun. The world sends only one message: Spring has come at last! The depth of nature touches me, Wrapping her warm hands around my heart, And all my … Continue reading

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