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Hong Kong Landlord Scam

Though this is not the first time I have had issues with a landlord, it is by far the worst experience. Stay tuned for the full story here: My landlord’s authorised person, Lam Mei Ching May completed a full inspection of the apartment for return of my deposit in the amount of 18,000 HKD, and … Continue reading


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A Chameleon’s True Color

More often than not, I find myself sloughing off my current identity for a new one. This is not unusual for the age in which we live, the Generation X of which I am a part, the world in a constant state of flux. A state of no change has always meant death, but now … Continue reading

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Mountain House Meltdown and Other Episodes of Jean on the Wonderland Trail

Having just come off 13 days in the wilderness I find myself discombobulated in my real life. I am still waking up at the crack of dawn and find myself confused as I walk to the grocery store, feeling as though I somehow lost the trail again. It’s funny how (almost) two weeks is substantially … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a Farestart Student

I recently began a culinary training program at Farestart and have now completed week two, day three to be perfectly precise. What tangible things can I show to mark my progress? Why, I now wear the Farestart signature cap, and carry around my very own food thermometer. Next carrot dangling in front of my very … Continue reading

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