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Excerpt from “Picking up the Pieces”

Alcohol oozed off his breath, down behind her ear, and came to rest in the basin of her neck. The hollow wanted to contain it but she leaned forward into the sink, longing to feel the water rushing over her again. It oozed out but marked a trail on her skin. Rosemary’s pillow soaked in … Continue reading


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Excerpt from “My sister is in Paris”

She’s there. She’s vulnerable. She’s fresh. And he’s … They twirl together to the rhythm of the music. Twirling faster than the multicolored disco lights. Beads of sweat run down his sideburns and through the pointy neck of her blouse but they are oblivious. She just wants to forget. About rules. About obligations. To convince herself … Continue reading

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Excerpt from “The Gates”

The winter days drag on and the whole city is in hibernation. Ice coats every surface, blinding even those who dare only to peek beyond their dark muslin curtains. I am all alone outside. The wind whips at my ears, silent but deafening. My eyes, the only part of my body left uncovered, are red and … Continue reading

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She would often wander through the covered shopping streets when she was bored or lonely. On this particular Sunday evening she had been feeling lazy and decided a stroll would be the perfect remedy. The shopping arcade was always crowded and despite having walked through it dozens of times, she still managed to get lost … Continue reading

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