My shadow is a sombre fellow,

He always keeps me in check.

He is the angel on my right shoulder,

Fighting valiantly, daily,

Against the fierce demons of the left,

Who far outnumber him.

The demons swarm my body,

In a blazing blur of white,

And I am barely kept afloat

In the waves that crash. My mind –

It seeks the darkness;

My shadow is my only hope.

My world, it is a frenzy –

It is pounding at my door.

I can’t escape the sound, the throbbing

That echoes inside.

It is this torment, it is me

I am the power and the powerless.

My shadow, he stands watch.

He is silent as the starry sky.

He is the memory of the man I was,

And a dream of the man I can be.

He is emptiness and sadness,

And all that is left of me.


About Jean C Wong

I am a world traveler, writer, photographer, and teacher. I've lived all over the world and speak 5 languages.


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